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Science-based nutrition with a common-sense approach

If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight or perhaps lost it and eventually gained it back, chances are you probably focused on dieting. Diets don’t work! Healthy eating habits DO! Not only do you need to develop healthy eating habits, those habits must also be sustainable. Even more importantly, your mindset must support this lifestyle change. Instead of losing weight, we refer to it as "releasing weight". If you lose weight, you may find it again. Releasing weight means it is less likely to return.


In the event you’re already physically active, but have reached a plateau and can’t seem to make the improvements or gains you’re looking for, together we’ll make sure you achieve your goals.


Regardless of your current physical condition, one thing’s for sure, how you fuel your body makes all the difference. While we all may not have not have the same nutritional requirements, we need to eat, we need to move, we need to rest, and we need to hydrate. These are non-negotiables. All the above are essential for our bodies to function.  

To make sure you are successful on your journey, Total Brilliance Coaching will guide you every step of the way; starting with sound, science-based nutrition. 

 Because one size doesn't fit all, schedule a Discovery Session with me, so we can determine the path that's best for you. 

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